About Hospital

Dr. Pravin Patel’s Innovative Hospital & Research Center (formerly known as  Dr. Patels Anti Aging Clinic) is a wellness centre located in the heart of Vadodara city.the Hospital Offers various health & treatment programs which provide excellent results without any surgery, harmful chemicals or side effects. We use various latest technologies & treatments in our hospital which are new in India.

Dr.Pravin Patel also does active research on new therapies and treatments from across the world to eliminate various chronic diseases like Diabetes, kidney failure, Cancer, Joint Problems, Thyroid, Heart Problems, Stress, Depression, Skin Problems, Liver Problems, Autism, Slip Disc, Hair loss and many more.

There are many unique therapies available at Dr. Pravin Patel's Innovative Hospital & Research Center such as Cell Therapy, Eboo Therapy, PRP, Scenar,  Laser Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Laser Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Chelation Therapy & Quantum Therapy.

Dr. Pravin Patel’s Innovative Hospital & Research Center is different from other medical centres in India as here patients are treated without any surgery or harmful chemicals using the above-mentioned therapies. Patients treated without any side effects and surgery is the main aim of Dr. Pravin Patel’s Innovative Hospital & Research Center.

The hospital is equipped with state of the art machines,interiors and amenities….

There are luxurious rooms with all amenities and modern facilities for outstation patients.

Knowledgeable and experienced doctors and well trained and courteous  staff.