Chelation therapy

Chelation therapy is a technique which involves the administration of chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body.

Chelation therapy is used as a treatment for acute mercury, iron (including in cases of thalassemia), arsenic, lead, uranium, plutonium and other forms of toxic metal poisoning. The chelating agent may be administered intravenously, intramuscularly, or orally, depending on the agent and the type of poisoning. Several chelating agents are available, having different affinities for different metals. For the most common forms of heavy metal intoxication – lead, arsenic, or mercury – a number of chelating agents are available.

For over 50 years chelation therapy has served as a highly effective and safe intravenous treatment for the elimination of toxic heavy metals and improvement of circulation and health. Since 1994, Dr. Bruce Dooley, M.D., has witnessed this improvement in over 4,000 patients using Disodium-Mg EDTA Chelation Therapy for arteriosclerosis, heavy metal toxicity, memory problems, heart disease, fatigue, circulation problems and more. It has helped restore healthy function and quality of life to our patients, many of whom have been able to prevent the need for painful and costly surgeries or to rely on prescription medications. Chelation involves the intravenous administration of a synthetic amino acid called EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid).

EDTA (in a complex with magnesium, vitamin C and other nutrients) enters the bloodstream by the intravenous route and binds to heavy metals such as lead, iron and cadmium that can cause free-radical damage and calcium deposits in the arteries, and carries them harmlessly out of the body through the urine. This treatment reduces toxic metal-induced free radicals, which cause the development of arteriosclerosis and many other degenerative diseases of aging. The body's regulation of calcium and cholesterol is improved by normalizing the internal chemistry of cells. This gives the body time to heal and to restore blood flow through the blood vessels. After several months this intravenous therapy often brings profound improvement to many metabolic and physiological processes in the body. Intravenous EDTA Chelation brings these benefits to every blood vessel in the body, from the largest arteries to the tiniest capillaries, most of which are far too small or deep within the brain and other vital organs for surgical treatment. In many cases, the smallest blood vessels are the most severely diseased. The benefits of chelation occur from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet, not just in blocked segments of a few large arteries.


Anti-aging effects and energy: helps to increase healthy life expectancy; elevates NO (nitric oxide) levels that relaxes blood vessels and also triggers stem cells' differentiation; resuscitates cell's mitocondria resulting in the production of more ATP and overall more energy. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome benefits from chelation;
Cosmetic changes: more lustrous hair, added eye sparkle, stronger unsplit nails, better skin color, texture and tone, fewer visible wrinkles, lightened age spots, and overall a more youthful appearance;
Improves taste, hearing, and vision: post-cataract surgery vision loss restored; dissolves small cataracts; decreases macular degeneration(3/1); improves vision in diabetic retinopathy;
Helps to prevent or reverse arteriosclerosis: (hardening of the arteries) by reducing the free radical generating toxic metals and stimulating parathyroid hormone (PTH) activity, resulting in the removal of calcium and plaque build up. PTH increased 2 1/2 fold after EDTA chelation (3 grams) treatment;
Rejuvenates the whole cardiovascular system: reduces blood pressure; improvement in chest pain (angina pectoris) in 19 out of 20 patients(5/1); reduces cholesterol levels(5/2); normalizes cardiac arrhythmias, rapid heartbeats, skipped beats, and extra heart beats; reduces blood cholesterol levels;
• Damaging 'micro-antenna' effects of EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation emitted by cell phones, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi, microwave ovens, etc. are more destructive the higher are the metal levels in the body. It is suggested that keeping the metal levels low in the body (with chelation) might be the best preventative step to avoid the negative effects of EMF;
• EDTA has both strong 'antibiotic' effects on its own and through its profound bacterial biofilm disrupting effects. These dual actions can turn Multi Drug-Resistant (MDR) microorganisms into resistant ones (!), underlining the lifesaving role EDTA can play. In a study, EDTA treatment of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms resulted in 1,000 fold greater killing than treatment with the antibiotic gentamicin;
Strongest Anti-Candida effect: EDTA demonstrated the highest antifungal activity in comparison with antifungal drugs such as nystatin and ketoconazole. Due to the interaction between Candida and toxic heavy metals, it is hard to get rid of Candida without the removal of the toxic metals first;
Restores the healthy, normal distribution of essential nutritional minerals and metallic elements (chromium, cobalt, zinc, etc.) within cells. A spectrum of such metals has been shown to accumulate to toxic levels in both diseased and stressed cells;
Rebalances hormones, could reduce or eliminate need for hormone replacements without the proper distribution and right amount of minerals (blocked also by the accumulation of toxic ), vitamins are useless, enzymes cannot function properly and certain hormones become out of balance;
Lowers insulin requirements in diabetic, can save legs in diabetic ulcers, accelerates the healing of lower leg infections and gangrene;
Helps as a pre-operative preparation due to increased tissue oxygenation, better cellular nutritional status, and faster post-operative recovery;
Important before any stem cell treatment as a
a) detoxified bone marrow,
b) detoxified stem cells, and
c) detoxified target organ
are paramount for the success of any stem cell treatment;
Relief from leg muscle cramps;
Reduction in allergic symptoms, especially if EDTA is taken together with glutathione, this approach was successfully tested with ToxDetox; superior in reducing inflammation over steroids.