Dr. Pravin Patel
  • Dr. Pravin Patel’s deep desire to truly help people improve their health has always turned heads.

  • Always focusing on the goal of helping people, he received the prestigious Grahak Suraksha Award, which is a Consumer Protection Award in India, presented by Mother Teresa herself. Dr. Patel has also received several excellence awards for productivity, quality, innovation and achievement and is well-known in India,USA,UK and other western countries.

  • Dr. Pravin Patel, has practiced in Las Vegas, U.S.A. and has had a very successful medical carrier in U.S.A and currently Dr. Pravin Patel is in Baroda, India, offering his Unique medical services. He has Unbelievable and amazing Medical software’s and machines that can work wonders. He offers Stem Cell therapy, Quantum Healing, Neuro programming, ozone therapy and several other unique type treatments for all kinds of health, cosmetic and psychological issues.

  • Stem Cells have the ability to repair and regenerate damaged cells. Dr. Patel has formulated a Natural Supplement with some of the rare South American herbs which can increase the quantity and mobility of stem cells in human body and repair the damage in the body. This supplement called “stemrich” has proven to be very effective in treating diabetes, liver, heart problems etc. He has formulated medicines for hair growth and pain too which are very effective. Dr. Patel also does Quantum healing in India , which works on the principles of Bioresonance feedback to diagnose & cure his patients, Its an amazing software which can even read your subconscious mind. Dr. Pravin Patel also does various innovative types of treatments for any kind of pain like knee pain, back pain, joint pain, diabetes, cancer, liver disorders, neurological issues, kidney disorders, cosmetics and many more.

  • He can enhance memory and IQ of students with Neuro programming and has helped many students to improve memory and IQ and gain self-confidence.


Research on Stem cell was started in the USA by Dr. Pravin Patel in August 1985. Since then Dr. Pravin Patel has been serving mankind and has received many excellence awards for his work. He was also awarded by Mother Teresa for his work