Dr. Sunitta Patel
    • Dr. Sunitta is the right hand of Dr.  Pravin Patel.
    • Dr. Sunitta holds a degree in Alternative Medicine ( MDAM ). She has experience of many years in using all the therapies, machines & latest technologies with   Dr. Patel.
    • She is well trained in Quantum therapy, Cell therapy, Ozone Therapy, Chelation Therapy, Eboo Therapy, Laser therapy and scenar therapy from various places in India & Abroad.
    • All the treatments at the hospital are done under her supervision. Dr. Sunitta also takes active part in research with Dr. Patel to come up with new techniques for the treatment of the patients treating various diseases without any side effects successfully.
    • Dr. Patel & Dr. Sunitta introduced Quantum Therapy first time in India and pioneers in cell therapy.
    • Lot of NRIs visit Dr. Patel's innovative hospital to recover from diseases like Diabetes, Heart diseases,  cancer, kidney disorders, liver cirrhosis, knee pain, back pain, stress and depression  & many more.