Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is a form of alternative medicine treatment that purports to increase the amount of oxygen to the body through the introduction of ozone into the body. Various methods have been suggested on the method of introducing the ozone into the body, and the purported benefits of this therapy include the treatment of various diseases including cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, among others. This therapy has been proposed for use in various diseases, including cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, heart disease, Alzheimer's dementia, Lyme, among others. One proposed mechanism for its use in treating cancer comes from the proposed theory that cancer does not thrive or grow in a high oxygen environment, and the ozone therapy will increase oxygen in the body and therefore help treat the cancer.

The biological effects of ozone are widely recognized. Ozone stimulates the production of white blood cells. Interferon levels are significantly increased after ozone therapy. It also stimulates the production of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and the secretion of IL-2. Ozone kills most bacteria at low concentrations, effective against all types of fungi and fights viruses in a variety of ways. Ozone oxidizes arterial plaque, increases the flexibility and elasticity of red blood cells. On top of that, Ozone accelerates the Citric Acid Cycle and makes the anti-oxidant enzyme system more efficient. Ozone also degrades petrochemicals.

Oxygen is the single most important nutrient for the body and your wellness. The body can survive weeks without food, days without water, but only minutes without oxygen. Every cell of the body requires a continuous supply to generate energy, detoxify the body and maintain healthy cells. Any reduction in the availability of oxygen to the body, whether by poor posture and breathing, deoxygenated water and refined foods, smoking, lack of exercise, environmental pollution or exposure to carbon monoxide, reduces the optimal performance of these essential cellular functions.

As a lack of sufficient oxygen is a mayor cause of poor health, leading to conditions such as arthritis, low immunity, constant tiredness, cancer, regular colds and flu’s, hay fever, migraine, low vitality etc, when the body is flooded with an activated form of oxygen, namely ozone, people consistently report that these conditions as well as their general health, wellbeing and energy levels dramatically improve.

Ozone (O3) is activated oxygen (O2), and in a short period of time the O3 molecule will revert back to oxygen. During this short half life cycle, the O3 molecule can therefore be utilized for sanitation and sterilization purposes. Ozone inactivates viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungus and protozoa. Ozone is second only to fluorine as an oxidant and has been used in medical and naturopathic medicine since the 1870’s. Because of its short half life and its tremendous oxidizing capabilities, it can be used in situations where residual chemicals are undesirable.

Ozone will work 3000 times quicker and is 2.5 times stronger than chlorine.

In water purification it is used to disinfect the water, remove algae, oxidize iron and manganese and remove color and odor. In air treatment it is used to eliminate odours, sterilise the air and ducting and remove and neutralise pollutants such as cigarette smoke, carbon monoxide and noxious gases. It will also prevent cross contamination of airborne diseases such as flu or tuberculosis. Ozone therapy machines (specifically ozone capsules / ozone therapy cabinets / ozone saunas) are used to purify and oxygenate blood through transdermal ozone therapy to compliment normal procedures, to improve the immune system, in cancer treatment, diabetes and for treating wounds, ulcers and skin ailments.


Below are some of the benefits of Ozone Therapy:

• Ozone therapy is very effective in the treatment of cancer, heart problems, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetic wounds, and uric acid.
Gangrene has been eliminated by sealing an affected extremity in a bag and pumping ozone into it, allowing the ozone to be absorbed through the skin. Healing takes place very rapidly, and the flesh often turns from black to pink during the first treatment.
• Ozone Therapy is effective in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and arteriosclerosis. Restore prompt circulation, relieves angina pain and improves circulation and brain function.
Tumors, lymphomas and leukemia may be eliminated without using surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy.
• Ozone Therapy is very effective for all forms of arthritis and arthritic disease.
• Ozone Therapy is very effective for allergies.
• Ozone improves multiple sclerosis and other neurological diseases, and improve brain function loss in Alzheimer’s, senility and Parkinson’s disease.
• External use of ozone therapy is very effective in treating burns, acne, ulcers, open sores and wounds, fungus and skin disorders.
• Ozone therapy is effective for proctitis, colitis, prostitution, crack, Candidasa and other yeast infections, trichomoniasis, other forms of vaginitis, bladder cysts, fistulas, and Crohn’s disease.
Mononucleosis, liver cirrhosis, AIDS, herpes and hepatitis have been successfully treated with ozone, without using any medicine.