Diabetes Kit

This kit contains all the important herbs to Normalize the blood sugar level. This kit contains Stemrich, Elixir of Life, Diabocure, Quantum Energy and G.H. which increases the stem cells in the body and capacity to repair damage in the cells, it has natural ingredients whcih reduce blood sugar and activate the pancreas, also has the natural product which removes the toxins of the body and increases the immunity, it replenishes and rejuvenates with necessary proteins , amino acids & fatty acids. It also has quantum based energised and activated natural medicine which reduces blood sugar & rejuvenates the internal organs of the body.


StemRich is a product made from natural ingredients, which proliferates the stem cells in the body. StemRich has been very effective to build the immunity and enhance the stem cells into every part and organ of the body. Many diabetic patients have been able to control their blood sugar and bring it to normal level. It has also helped cancer and neurological diseases. Likewise it has been beneficial in almost all kinds of diseases. The process may take up to 3 to 9 months to see a significant improvement. StemRich comes in capsule form. One Bottle contains 90 capsules. Minimum dose is 3 capsules per day.



This is an extremely effective oil, made with natural herbs. It is helpful in relieving any kind of pain and discomfort associated with :
1. Arthritis
2. Muscle pain
3. Leg cramps
4. Back pain
5. Knee pain
6. Any joint pain and Headache.


Health Pro

In Health Pro, combination of herbs is used for rejuvenation, vitality and sexual enhancing. It is general tonic for whole body for men & women both.

It is warming, improves circulation of whole body. It relaxes blood vessels so that nutrients can be better delivered throughout the body. By improving vascular insufficiency it can improve blood flow to the penis. The work is considered a kidney tonic. It improves fatigue and increases stamina. It strengthens the adrenal glands.

It is an energy enhancer, nutritive and rejuvenative that increases pituitary function, encouraging the body’s natural hormonal production, also helps in improving vaginal lubrication. It is considered a tonic for the central nervous system as well as an aphrodisiac.

It has long been regarded as a tonic to improve sexual ability, increase libido, aid impotence and premature ejaculation. As it nourishes the nervous system it makes tactile sensations more pleasurable for both men and women.

It increases staying power in men and is a kidney tonic for both men and women improving general weakness, depression and sexual debility. It is also suggested as an herb to help heal trauma from sexual abuse. It is used for erectile dysfunction and low sperm count.


Scalp Stimulant

A Hair tonic, proven to give excellant results for all hair problems. It is made from natural ingredients and rare herbs. It is well known to help hair loss, dandruff and promote healthy, shiny and thick hair growth. Massage it directly into the roots of hair and scalp,for 10 minutes at night. Wash in the morning with herbal shampoo.


Elixir of Life

Elixir of life is a product made from natural ingredients, which balances proteins, amino acids and fatty acids of the body. Amino acids and proteins are at the basis of all life processes, as they are absolutely essential for every metabolic process. Elixir of Life is a revolutionary medicine Dr.Patel


Quantum Energy

Quantum Energy rejuvenates and activates the internal organs of the body and also reduces blood sugar.


Liver Forte

Liver forte is an indigenous natural medicine that is very effective in the treatment of liver disorders like hepatitis, jaundice, fatty liver, cirrhosis, ascites etc.. Liver forte prevents hepatic disorders and timulates appetite and growth. It also helps in the regeneration of hepatic cells.

Liver forte is highly effective in the treatment of

1) Hepatitis 2) Dyspepsia/Flatulence
3) Cirrhosis of Liver 4) Alcohol/Drugs Induced Hepatitis
5) Fatty Liver 6) hronic/ Habitual Constipation
7) Anorexia 8) Irritable Bowel Syndrome
9) Jaundice 10) Sluggish/Swollen Liver
11) Excessive Gaseous Distension

Liver forte is enriched with Milk thistle, Phyllanthus urinaria, Bhumi Amla, Dandelion and Terminalia arjuna.

Diet:The consumption of fats and oils, chillis, sour foods (pickle, tamarind etc.), meats, fish, and alcohol should be avoided.

Dosage: 1to 2 capsules three times a day…

There are no contraindications or side effects of this medicine.


Carcinoma Forte

Carcinoma forte helps in fighting various types of cancer. The Carcinoma forte has a combination of different herbs which work together in an optimal manner to fight cancer at the cellular level. This natural medicine contains effective herbal remedies and classic herbs which support and strengthen the individual’s body to fight against the cancer affected areas. The herbal supplements contained in our carcinoma forte brings about a harmony in the functioning of the body organs by restraining the spreading process of the dangerous cancer cells, which in turn can reduce the amount of infection as well. The natural herbs contained therein also have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial characteristics which help in bringing about a balance within the energies of the body.

Carcinoma forte is enriched with Guyabano, curcumin, wheatgrass ,milk thistle etc…which are highly effective in fighting against cancer cells and eliminating them from the body…

Diet: Stop sugar in any form, avoid all kinds of processed foods…

Dosage: 1 to 2 capsules three times a day.

There are no contraindications or side effects of this medicine.