Quantum Therapy

Based on Quantum Biofeedback done by Qauntum Medical Software, is a full diagnostic and treatment system. It determines level of "reactivity" to possible allergens, nutritional deficiencies/excesses, pathogens ( Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi), examines brain waves, dental concerns, hormone and energy levels, emotions, organ stress and much more! The medicine is based on the principles of acupuncture, homeopathy, quantum physics, and atoms and protons. While Qauntum therapy is extremely popular in America and Europe, with about 1500 doctors practicing it successfully, Pravin Patel, who introduced it here, is the only doctor offering this treatment in India.

Quantum biofeedback is great because it diagnoses the stress levels and imbalances and works to improve the areas that need improvement. Once these imbalances are brought into harmony, the body can begin to heal itself.

That is the power of quantum biofeedback. Your body was originally created to be able to heal itself. With the onslaught of electrical signals that are pumped into your body everyday, this has become difficult for your body to do. We are surrounded by cell phones, satilite TVs, and computers with wireless signals. Each signal that these devices produce interfere with your natural electrical impulses. Quantum biofeedback is a unique way of offsetting those interfering signals by realigning the signals your body naturally produces.


Quantum biofeedback is a great way for a person to get back to optimal health. This system is great for improving your mental health, which is crucial to the healing ability of your body. By harmonizing your mind, quantum physics allows you to feel great, look great, and heal great.

Metabolic disorders and syndromes, affecting:
• Circulatory
• Lymphatic
• Respiratory
• Digestive
• Endocrine
• Reproductive systems
• Various toxic reactions
• Alleviation of pain associated with injuries and cancer
• Heightened sense of well-being
• Increased clarity of thinking